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            Horizontal Sand Mill

            Horizontal Sand Mill

            Micron And Nano Size Wet Grinding


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            Since 2012, Root starts to attend exhibitions in related industries in order to show Root ability of research and design, manufacturer and after sale service to all customers. High quality sand mill and other auxiliary machineries have attrancted many customers in the industry. Till Now, Root has attended exhibitions, shows and industry conference, industry summit for around 100 sessions.

            Year 2017 Exhibition

            • Root nano lab

              2017 3rd Color and Chem Expo

            • 1494920471183458.jpg

              2017 CAC Agrochemical Show

            • 1494920474143134.jpg

              2017 European Coating Show

            • 1494920472443456.jpg

              2017 Interdye China

            • 1494921991615655.jpg

              2017 International Digital Printing Fair

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