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            Horizontal Sand Mill

            Horizontal Sand Mill

            Micron And Nano Size Wet Grinding

            ROOT NANO LAB

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            ROOT R&D center is located in No.698 Wudu Road, Jiading district, Shanghai. R&D center has cooperated with institutes and universities, CAS nano material study institute, Chinese chemical study institute, Qinghua University, CAU, AUST etc, and owns the toppest testing lab equipments. Till now, ROOT R&D center has done hundreds of experiment and provide detailed experiment report for many corporations, strongly guarantee the following model-selection, new-formulation research and grinding process optimizing.

            Root Nano Lab

            • Root nano lab

              Root Nano Lab

            • PSS nanosize particle sizer

              PSS Nanosize Particle Sizer

            • Lab testing equipments

              Laboratory Testing Equipments

            Root Nano Lab offers free experiment for customers. Now Root Nano Lab has testing equipments including: Bettersize micron size particle sizer, PSS nanosize particle sizer, microscope, viscosity testing equipments, PH value testing equipments, disperse dye diffusity testing equipment, and all the agents, antifoms etc. All these equipments will help customer to get ideal experiment result for whichever product they have. All the experiment result can be scaled up to industrial production.Root Nano Lab has equipped with Root lab series sand mills and dispersers: RT-FS1.5, RT-0.2CD, RT-0.5AD, RT-0.5BJD, RT-1.0BJ, RT-1.0BDD, which could satisfy for experiment requirements of different material, different feeding size, different viscosity and different finish size etc.

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