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            Horizontal Sand Mill

            Horizontal Sand Mill

            Micron And Nano Size Wet Grinding


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            Root offers free experiment to all customers. If you have experiment requirements, please apply to Root Nano Lab for free experiment by following steps:

            Step 1

            Tell us your experiment requirements in details including material name, viscosity, solid content, temperature limit, Water-based or solvent-based and finish size etc. If you have no idea for what to tell Root Nano Lab staff, please download the Root Nano Lab Free Experiment Application format for more information.

            Step 2

            Contact with our on-line service or leave us a message about your requirements. Send your Root Nano Lab Free Experiment Application to our email service@root-asia.com. Root Nano Lab staff will handle your experiment application within 24hrs and send you a experiment confirmation.

            Step 3

            Prepare your raw material based on your formulation and send your paste or powder material to Root Nano Lab at No. 698 Wudu Road, Jiading Disctrict, Shanghai China.

            Step 4

            After experiment is done, lab staff will collect your material for sending back to you for checking. And together we will send you the particle size report, experiment process records and other report that you may require.

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