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            Horizontal Sand Mill

            Horizontal Sand Mill

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            RT-LM Lab Basket Mill

            • BASKET MILL

            • Root Laboratory Basket mill is a kind of multi-functional bead grinder machine. It possesses both grinding and dispersing function. With properties of energy-saving, high-efficiency and easy-maintenance, Basket mill is widely applied in industries with high fineness requirement such as pigment, printing ink and coating etc. 

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            Detailed description

            Material is automatically sucked into grinding chamber by Self-sucking impeller. Material will be ground in grinding basket. Dispersing disc will rotate and generate dispersing, mixing and recycling force, forming a high-efficiency recycle of material-sucking, grinding and discharging. During work, rotation shaft and the grinding device, pump impeller, disperser will rotate at high speed accordingly. Grinding device of basket mill will drive the interaction between grinding media and material, forming strong cutting, crushing and grinding force to grind material and disperse the mixed material. At the same time, the material after grinding will be sucked out of grinding basket by pump impeller and then dispersed by dispersing disc. Therefore, in a short time, you could get an ideal grinding effect.

            Machine Features

            (1) Integrate dispersing and grinding in one machine. Two working procedures realized by one machine and one vessel;

            (2) Excellent milling fineness, high productivity, little residue, high quality;

            (3) Easy to clean and change color or other products;

            (4) High speed main shaft, basket head, belt pulley has passed the static and dynamic equilibrium test;

            (5) Equipped with double-layer cylinder to avoid hydraulic oil leakage after long time using.

            (6) Main switches: power sign, POWER ON/OFF, RPM METER, SPEED ACC/DEC, URGENT STOP, HYDRAULIC UP/DOWN;

            (7) Belt clamp or manual clamp or pneumatic clamp is for optional;

            (8) With CE&ISO9001:2008 qualifications.

            Technical Parameter


            Motor Power (KW)

            Media Size (mm)

            Speed (rpm)

             Stroke (mm)

            Capacity (L)

            RT-LM 0.75






            RT-LM 2.2






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