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            Horizontal Sand Mill

            Horizontal Sand Mill

            Micron And Nano Size Wet Grinding

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            RT-0.5AD Laboratory Sand Mill

            • SAND MILL

            • RT-0.5AD laboratory sand mill is specially designed for small volume formulation research. It can be widely applied in industries of pesticide (SC, OD), dye(disperse dye, vat dye), fluorescent brightener, water-based pigment, water-based paint etc low viscosity material

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            Detailed description

            Main motor drives the main shaft to operate at high speed. The turbine/disc/pin rotor under the high speed rotation will take the grinding media to move at high speed and form strong impact, abrasion and shear force to the material. Under the function of strong shearing force,the large particle size material will be sufficiently dispersed and ground.The equipment has adopted reliable mechanical sealing with long durability. Grinding chamber is entirely closed, avoiding the air to come inside the chamber, preventing generation of bubbles and volatilization.RT-BD series uses dynamic discharging device with self-cleaning function, no material stuck and long service life.

            Machine Features

            (1) Disc type rotor with high working efficiency;

            (2) 500ml working chamber,adapted to small quantity formulation research;

            (3) Completely same structure with industrial RT-AD sand mill, the experiment result can be scaled up directly to industrial production;

            (4) Reasonable design of structure,noble,stable and space-saving;

            (5) Rotor material could be ceramic, PU or hard alloy, adapted to different grinding requirements.

            Technical Parameter


            Motor Power (KW)

            Media Size (mm)

            Volume (L)

            Weight (KG)

            Dimension (mm)







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