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            Horizontal Sand Mill

            Horizontal Sand Mill

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            RT-S Lab Three Roller Mill

            • THREE ROLLER MILL

            • Root laboratory three roller mill is widely applied in institute experiment and trail production of paint,printing ink,cosmetics,rubber,soap,high viscosity pulp,ceramic,lubrication oil,adhesion and grinding paste slurry etc. Laboratory three roller grinding mill is currently one of the most popular grinding mill for paint, UV ink production

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            Detailed description

            Root Three Roller Mill is suitable for grinding ointment or high viscosity material. It achieves required grinding effect by the friction and crushing among the three horizontal rollers rotating at different speeds. It is equipped with emergency brake button to prevent equipment damage. The rollers are casting with special hard alloy or ceramic materials.The roller material is made up of cold hard alloy centrifugal casting. The cold hard alloy thickness is between 15 and 25mm, hardness is between HS 68-75. The roller is grinding on convex grinder, the effective working surface is a bit convex. During the milling process, because of hard roller and thermal expansion and contraction, it can compensate automatically so as to improve machine life, also improve the material accuracy and efficiency.

            Machine Features

            (1) Roller material for optionsl: chilled alloy or ceramic;

            (2) With cooling system, suitable for temperature sensitive material;

            (3) Easy operation and maintenance;

            (4) Finish size rang:10-30um;

            (5) Lab research or small production usage;

            Technical Parameter


            Motor Power (KW)

            Roller Dia. (mm)

            Roller Length (mm)

             Speed (rpm)

            Weight (KG)

            RT-S 65






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